Just an update today

So my new e~mail buddy has offered to take me under his wing to complete my studies. I’m hoping the email I sent him was a tactfully way to say no…………I might be interested in the future but right now I think full-time study would take away from this Journey and I need to complete it.

Heard back from the coven I contacted. From the tone of their email I can tell they are trying to gage whether I am serious or not. I’m hoping I am conveying that I am. But they probley get contacted by so many people who aren’t I can’t really blame them. They did give me some leads on Pagan gatherings in the area with strong suggestions I attend one.  

I am planning on attending one next week I hope. There is one here in town that is a small gathering of like-minded woman, and then there is the a pagan pride day at the Serpent Mound in Peebles. I would love to do both, I can learn a lot from either of them.  I am nervous about going to the larger one alone though…………

Really cool article and test was post on Llewellyn blog just yesterday. I scored a 60% and am rather proud of it too!The fact that this was posted just yesterday makes me feel this is the universes way of saying “hey this is the path for you right now”.



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  1. Posted by Matt Wilson on October 5, 2010 at 1:18 pm

    well, that was interesting…i missed one, but it makes me wonder what the full test was like.


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