So I decided to research a bit on Druids the other night, I didn’t wanna be a complete idiot about the subject when I talked to the druid. Boy am I glad I did! I always thought that druids were kinda like the monks and nuns of witchcraft. Same beliefs just at a higher level.Yeah I was so wrong………

First religion is Druidry (totally thought it was called Druidism). There are no sacred texts, no really written lessons or histories.Very much into nature and balancing their lives out to help the earth. They have three goals that are their purpose for being, Wisdom, Creativity, and Love. While their religion outworldly seems very similar to witchcraft/wicca it is a completely different path all together.

That’s just the gist of what of what I’Ve read so far. I’m really excited though because I thought I know something about this religion and I have been proven wrong. I know that seems odd, but it means I am learning and I am on the right path. I’m going to try to find time today to research it more in-depth, I wish our library wasn’t so inadequate when it comes to other religions. So I am doomed to what I find on the internet untill my druid friend gets back for vacation.



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